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Looking For Military Vehicles For Sale?


If you are interested in locating and getting military vehicles for sale then it is important that you understand some of the most popular ones available. The following are easy to locate information on and to purchase.  


Types of United States Military Vehicles for Sale

·         High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle 

   Also known as Hum Vee, these military surplus vehicles are usually labelled as HMMWV.   They have been manufactured by AM General since early 1980's and continue to strive in military use today.  The model even broke the mold and became a commercial civilian vehicle called a Hummer.  There are several different versions of the Hummers but they are not military use vehicles.  The HMMWV used today sells for $65,000 unarmored and $140,000 armored.  They run on an eight-cylinder diesel engine that is either 6.2 or 6.5 Liter.  Top speeds do not reach more than 65 miles per hour.  Most HMMWV's are used as cargo carriers, automatic weapon platforms, and ambulances.  Since these vehicles are Department of Transportation certified used ones can be sold to civilians in auctions or through dealers who have purchased them.  They are dumbed down versions without weapon use or connection, but will sell for around $20,000.  A quick search engine search will provide several options.

·         Pinzgauer 

   Originating in Surrey, England, but made by an Austrian company called Steyr-Daimler-Puch, the Pinzgauer is a self-propelled all wheel drive vehicle from the 1960's.  This vehicle is still being used by the US Military and the United Kingdom with a few changes.  The new changes are called the second generation Pinzgauer. The changes allow it to climb down a 360 millimeter wall, take on a 100% slope until tires give, handle a 43.5 degree side slope, and reach at least 70 miles per hour.  It has the ability to be either four-wheel drive or six-wheel drive and usually has an inline five or six-cylinder diesel engine.  Many in the United Kingdom run on a petrol/gasoline engine.  The vehicle is named after Pinzgauer breed of horse from Austria.  If you were to find military vehicles for sale like these, plan on spending around $22,000 or more for it.

   Other countries where you will find these military vehicles for sale and in use(All for Non-War Response):   

·         Yugoslavia 

·         Austria 

·         Zealand 

·         Malaysia 

·         Switzerland 

·         Macedonia 

·         Serbia  

·         United States

·         Willys 

   Made by a company called Willys-Overland Company in the late 1930's, the Willys became the go to vehicle for the US Army.  In fact, Willys made a special model called a Willys MB US Army Jeep Truck just for them.  This model was only manufactured between 1941 and 1945 during World War II, they are the iconic Jeep seen in advertisements and on television shows like M.A.S.H.   This model evolved into the Jeep Company made CJ Jeeps that you will see up until the 1980's.  The Germany army favored this model of Jeep as well and came out with their own version name Kubelwagen by Volkswagen.  Other similar models like the Willys M38, M170, and the M606 followed and were used in military situations, but none were as successful as the Willys MB Army Jeep.  If you are looking for military vehicles like these for sale, you could spend anywhere from a couple thousand to $20,000 and possibly more.  All of this would depend on quality, the year it was made, and if the original parts were working and in excellent shape. 


For more information on finding military vehicles for sale or military trucks for sale consult AM General or other companies that manufacture military vehicles for the US Military.